Born in the Eighties

Are Jon and Adam truly "Born in the Eighties"? The demon beast of warcraft has sucked Jon back in again, Adam contemplates the life of a swamp cabbage man, and watches arrested development. Jon's shares information about his favorite game show, and fan-mail is answered. Finally, Jon recieves an offer from the wheelin and dealin Vincent Fang himself.

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Old Habits die hard... Jon returns to his old addictions, and Adam plans on making a new one. Computergate 2016 takes another sharp turn. Pokemon cards can be worth a stupid amount of money, and are an INVESTMENT DAMMNIT! Jon Ninja'd it up in Warframe, Adam completes his tour of duty in broforce, and Jon has some unbreakable impressions of Kimmy Schmidt season 2.

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Jonbro and Adambro join the broforce. Jon watches CS:GO and plays Nintendo's Miitomo and Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright. Adam doesn't really care about the ending of this season of The Walking Dead.

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Jon and Adam discuss a brand new type of superhero, chat about the latest movie in the DC Universe, they also talk about PS 4.5's, VR's thud of a launch, and so much more!


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