Born in the Eighties

Wow.  You want an extra hour in the ball pit?  That will cost you.  Dearly.  Adam and Jon jaw about microphones without shock mounts, video games, pre-code hollywood and so much more.

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Jon lives in a health hazardous death hole that may or may not be the setting of season 2 of True Detective.  Adam ponders the true merits of criticism.  The guys gush over some games such as Doki Doki Universe, Strider, and Divinity: Original Sin.  The TBWTCCT is postponed yet again.  Things go awry.


True Detective,Carcosa,Doki Doki Universe,Strider,Divinity Original Sin,woody harrelson, matthew mcconaughey

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Adam and Jon adventure into caves, reality tv programming, racist radio hosts, cookouts and so much more.  Beware, foul languaged tweets within.

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