Born in the Eighties

In this 2015 spooktacular episode, Adam and Jon recant horrors from their childhoods, they breakdown this week in werewolf news, and Jon tells a tale from Camp Thunderhawk

Nailguns for all, and a Happy Halloween!


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Jon and Adam chat about the Wii U, Star Citizen,fall tv shows, and reveal their dream blue collar jobs in any time period.


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Livin' the life of Late Night Luxury, Adam and Jon chat about anything and everything.  Jon played the Star Wars Battlefront Beta, Adam hasn't done anything this week, and Jon dives deep into his psyche.  The guys talk time travel and cults.  Adam and Jon reminisce about Department D83, and live a life of love and laughter.

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Adam Jay-walks through a wonderful world.  Jon is fascinated by the awful ending of the movie AI, and is addicted to Clicker Heroes.  Adam and Jon are lukewarm on the Muppets, Adam loves Scream Queens, and Amhorstor (American Horror Story).  Lil Adam Horner sits in a corner, putting his thumb in a ... pie?  Jon discusses horrifying sex injuries, and we 'tant you for next week.


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