Born in the Eighties

Hey folks, it has been 50 awesome episodes! Hooray! Blame Tyler and Matt for this, but they had a crazy idea for us to do a power hour live! Listeners can drink along (at your own caution) or just listen to us slowly fall apart over the hour. We don't condone deadly drinking to excess and don't follow our example. Good luck and have fun. Here is to 50 more!

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This is the Adam show.  This show is completely about Adam.  All of your Adam info is in here.  Or not.  Listen to find out.  (The secret of the audition is revealed).

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After some failed news story action. Lance, Adam, and Jon dole out life and relationship advice better than ol' abby could ever do.  To wrap things up, we preview the Adam Show, and Lance discusses the finer points of elevator etiquette.

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Jon regales the gang with stories of toilet mishaps and bad auditions, Jon and Adam talk about their days trotting the boards, and Lance hates his neighbor. Tune in.

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