Born in the Eighties

Jon solves computergate 2.0 in time to play some Rimworld and goes through a rundown of America's lewdest town names. TJ has phone insurance, and advocates for the devil. Matt tracks his slumber and ponders the power of our new youtube heroes.  I think we all need to take a trip on down to the ol' village of Dickshooter.

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Yeah, nobody was really on point for this one. TJ was having connection issues, and got Jon re-addicted to flash games. Matt continues to click cookies, and research raptors that take down drones. Jon solves computergate 2.0 promptly and goes down the liveleak hole again.


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The prodigal Hamm returns.  Grab your Deku Tree shaped bongs and gather round! Jon's computer troubles escalate, Matt hates headphone jacks, TJ has been driven to the dark side by Jon, and Adam ain't afraid of no ghosts.

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Jon's external HD has died! Hurrah!  Also, we are recording on youtube live, which is beholden to #BigAds apparently.  Nintendo announced some games for the 3ds, with the most Nintendo like limitations.

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