Born in the Eighties

It is time to rewind for 2018. We don't know anyone on youtube at all, Jon has opinions on the Netflix Evangelion redub, TJ is no-stop smashing brothers, and Matt is still taking those country roads in Fallout 76. Thank the bus driver, and Merry Christmas.

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You thought 2017 was terrible?  Let me tell you about a little year called 2018!  Jon and Matt are joined by Kirsten and Lauren to watch Netflix's own "A Christmas Prince".  It is pretty bad, it has spina bifida, a very old mom, and some sick fake news journalism takes.  Pop some muscle relaxers, crack some nog, and listen in.

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This episode is full of many things kind of skeezy.  NSFW Tumblr blogs, Fallout 76, Yahoo Answers, and much more.  Join the skeeze, be the skeeze.

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TJ will be your sodamelier this evening. Can I suggest the Mtn. Dew Ice as a fine pairing with your Evangelion on Netflix watching experience? To deal with the news of Nintendo's settlement with the ROM websites, may I suggest a vintage Pepsi Holiday Spice? For dealing with a broken Blue Yeti Mic mid-recording, you'll need some of the strong stuff, can I suggest an imported Filipino Pepsi Blue?

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Jon recounts a youthful indiscretion, TJ details a "hot pocket" situation, Matt becomes un-muffled, and we all take a trip into seduction-land.  Grab your gofundme scam money and come along for the ride!

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Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me, I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed, She was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb, In the shape of an "L" on her forehead.
- Nickleback

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TJ is busy hocking a Pachinko machine, while Jon and Matt play 2018's latest games!  Fallout 76 and Red Dead Redemption 2.  Get your Blizzcon and Playstation Classic takes here as well.

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Come visit the Good Doctor, have a potion!  Don't ask what is in the potion! Just drink it!  Don't buy a UV light to inspect your carpets when you have a puppy!  Don't go on Visit the Good Doctor, TRUST THE GOOD DOCTOR

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What is that URL again? Matt plays serial cleaner, TJ is an Iphone doctor, and Jon laments a split in anime providers. Since it is a spooky Halloween episode that was totally planned, we talk about terrifying prions and missing skulls! Good luck sleeping now, Happy Halloween.

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Battle Psycho hose beasts, the viet cong, and climate change! Matt has a preview of Fallout 76, TJ's world ends with you, and Jon is in the jungles of 'nam in Rising Storm 2. Cut through the youtube copyright bs and bag your leaves! Listen to BITE today!

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Jon is now the ace of spays, as his lil pup went through her surgery. Matt is looking at eye-mouthed frogs, and playing PS4 games for the first time. TJ continues to ponder his employment, and the labor market in general as he prepares to fix some iphones himself. Drink your LaCroix now, and listen to a true story that happened, all this week on Born in the Eighties.

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Bowsette has got it goin' on.  For some reason talk of Mario morphs into talk of italian food.  We give more advice to the woebegone Yahoo answers crowd, and Jon details a car pranking scheme.  TJ talks about pee goats, and Matt learns about how awesome drinking turpentine is.  Lock your chompette in her kennel and listen to this episode RIGHT NOW!

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Jon feels guilty for flaking on a friend, TJ is employed, and Matt has completed his podcast homework. We discuss ancient walmart finds, chainsaw usage, west of loathing, nextdoor posts, mosquitos going crazy, and haunted nursery rhyme music. TJ also starts up a new relationship advice answers section, all that and more un-safety advice this week!

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TJ completes a lengthy quest on Twitch. Jon brings back an old segment, and tasks his co-hosts with homework assignments. NBA 2k19 is played, Matt's sleep schedule is tested, and Jon is a puppy dad. Warm up the hot stove, take off your pants in front of strangers and tune in now!

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This week we talk about sports. Jon is having a football related meltdown, and Matt has sampled one of the greatest children's sports movies of all time. We look through the massive amount of children's sports movies of the mid 90's, and talk about NBA 2k19 monetization, TJ's job hunt, and we hear some stories of things that actually happened on reddit.

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Matt has returned from Iceland, with many stories from the land of the penis museum and Robbie Rotten.  TJ counts down the most toxic fanbases, Jon watches liveleak live, and we visit his neighborhood.  Also, beware of white supremacist mario, he is a bad egg.



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Spanky and Euan from the "While Away" podcast join TJ and I for a Mattless episode of this show. We talk casinos, memes, teen titans, emulators, kingdom hearts, disenchantment, cloak and dagger, and a Penguin's Memory. Plenty to unpack there.

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Tallywhacker, donger, bait and tackle, twig and berries, johnsons, units, dingle-dang, schlong ... the internet is full of them.  TJ has seen too much.  Airshow disasters, Iceland, and old sears catalogs, this episode is chock full with all of the above.

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We decide it is time to #cancelwhitepeople and #freetj  This week's free-wheelin -sode discusses quitting retail, racism, tanacon, shifty labor propositions, mission creep, weddings, card quest, and things that definitely actually happened.

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Jon has a new mouse, and a new dog. Things are pretty crazy. TJ has his car broken in to, and he breaks in to a new anime series. Matt is deep into gaming with his new controller, and has some thoughts on Hollow Knight. Get your Sears Wishbook out, and listen to this week's Born in the Eighties.

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TJ is in pain, Matt is making music and pondering fish farts, and Jon has a new puppy and is very tired.  Don't let a cloud eat you, don't James Gunn yourself, delete twitter and support your public library!

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We revisit a classic, condemn Twitter to death, play Hollow Knight, purchase controllers, and say goodbye to loved ones... all in one action packed episode.

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In the age of online shaming and social media, we need to make sure we are squeaky clean, and free of anime, because it is 100% bad.... mostly.

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Jon is full of SCIENCE this week.  Matt is just looking for a good organ, and TJ is working out the math on this Pi edition of the podcast.



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The boys try to piece together something to be excited about at this year's e3.

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Here are our E3 rumors and predictions.  How well did we do?  Not well at all.  Enjoy E3 2018, and check back next week for our reactions to all of the gaming news of E3 2018!!!

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Jon had a bachelor party and got married.  Matt was a partyboy, TJ passed a difficult challenge, and we all have our social norms questioned.  Back from a wedding hiatus, BITE IS BACK

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Jon is getting married. Time to talk about manly things. There are a brave few of us trying to keep this thing on the rails. Jon and Lance are not those people, join us for this very special episode.

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Someone bought a new game gear game in 2018, Jon has a Virtual Boy, we all suck at Fortnite, your DNA is for sale, and the eternal battle of subs vs dubs rages on... strong as ever.

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Seriously, there are like 6 different versions of the turtles in media.  And no matter how many times you reboot the series, Raphael is still a tool.  How can you be angry about everything all of the time?  Most people plunged in radioactive waste end up dying of lymphoma.  Sheesh, talk about hard to please.

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Everything you read on the internet is true! That REALLY happened! Reddit wouldn't lie to you? 360 video is not VR Porn! Also, we go old school and trip the light nostalgic with Ready Player One and .hack PS2 games.

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I've had enough with these meme wars! I just want to play Minecraft with TJ!  We attempt to solve some relationship problems in dead bedrooms, and we come up with an ingenious solution to the incel problem.

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Jon is moving on up! To the East side! To a deluxe home... on the street... TJ cannot remember a magical helper movie, with money rain maybe? Also, we learn that all of our favorite things were advertisements... Also, the Pagemaster was a movie that happened.

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We find out what goes beyond Cosby.  Is it more bowels of reddit?  Video chat hijinks? Superhot VR? Canadian Monsters? Tunak Tune in to find out!

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Got some e-surance rule 34 for you right here. Strap on your sword of choice, and don your cowboy hat, as we plumb the bowels of reddit, hunt monsters, ogle octopi, and generally give up on life in general

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We chat about steamed hams, blood transfusions, MGTOW, animal testing, home buying, Dropmix, and One Punch Man. Help us perform the Schrödinger's cat experiment, but with women, in this weeks "The Bowels of Reddit"

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Which is more complicated? Understanding the tax code, or the storyline of the Kingdom Hearts games? Only 2 things are certain in life, Sora and Taxes.

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Don't call me a barback, even thought it would look good on my resume. Billy likes to drink, Billy cannot hold his liquor. I still like Billy, Lance does not. Billy is doing fine now. The second half of this one is a bit darker than the first. You have been warned. Who is the man on the floor really?

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Jon continues his house hunt and begins a monster hunt, TJ is all alone in a snowy house, and Matt has a paradox, of the Cloverfield variety.  Will someone please send nudes, and can we all agree to stop idolizing subjects of memes?

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In this supersized 300th episode, we lose TJ to technical issues, share podcasting tips, discuss fake followers, Jon talks about trees for 40 minutes, and Matt brings back the Melissophilia minute. Spartans! Prepare for Episode 300!

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TJ hacks the menu with taco bell's nacho fries, Matt rants about the wedding industrial complex, Jon begins his home search, and we find the worst milkshake duck ever.  All that plus Chinese memes, nerd metal, shrimp whoppers and the Gorilla Channel.

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This is a LOOOOOONG one.  Jon runs down his top 10 games of the year, and TJ and Matt share their favorite games.  We take a look ahead to 2018, and share a Milkshake Duck of the week!

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Relive your "All That" fandom on this episode.  Joined by Spanky and Euan, formerly known as KewlGames Inc Vancouver, the gang discusses the Citizen Kane of Dark Souls, racist knuckles in VR Chat, and popular phone alarm songs.

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Tj wants to remember the internet of the past.  Jon plumbs the bowels of reddit, and finds the Milkshake duck of the week.  Matt remembers a Star Wars Galaxy of old...

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In this episode, Jon, Adam, Matt, and TJ chat about "The Last Jedi" for nearly 50 minutes. Skip ahead to 51 minutes to avoid spoilers.  Jon talks about Nier Automata, Adam has been Assassin's creeding, TJ has been surviving retail hell and Matt is checking out the new VR titles.

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