Born in the Eighties

Watch out for that dragon yo. Star Wars came out, and Adam and Jon go on a spoiler free discussion of how they liked the film. The guys reminisce of gamecube games past, and Jon talks about his foray into the wild wooly world of VR. Jon again isn't humble about his bundle troubles, but rocks a kickin' butterball. Fuck Wil Wheaton.

VR,oculus,gear vr,samsung,star wars,force awakens,kylo ren,PSO,dragon,gamecube,lands end,eve gunjack,humble bundle,Wil Wheaton,turkey,christmas,butterball,phantasy star

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MCDONALDS SECRET ALERT COOKIE TOTE ALERT!  You want bakers dozen of lip smacking ass cracking melty gooey chocolate chip cookies?  McDonalds has them, yes they do.  Adam has the insider knowledge.  Star Wars is here, and the guys are quasi pumped about it.  Jon is not humble about his bundle troubles, and Adam adventures in a time.  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! DID JON JUST SAY HE DONATED TO A KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN!?!

regular show,adventure time,finn and jake,star wars,force unleashed,han solo,cookie tote,mcdonalds,just cause 3,humble bundle,mst3k,kickstarter,midnight,theater,fallout 4

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Look, Adam makes it pretty clear, you don't want to get bit by the bot.  ... or that pesky rapscallion jar of jarbinks.  Get stacking, and get your legs swole for a brand new episode!

star wars,jarjar,binks,phantom menace,attack of the clones,revenge of the sith,movies,episode 7,illness,fever,rash,stacking,swole,leg

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Wherein Jon really wants to become a private eye.



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Jon and Adam talk about 2 things, fallout 4 and MST3K. What a ffantasy to behold.


fallout 4,war never changes,war just doesn't change,fallout,ron perlman,ps4,pc,mst3k,joel,rifftrax,dr who,listener comment,ffantasy,cloud

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War never changes.  Fallout 4 proves that at least games don't change.  Adam and Jon are hyped for the game, and chat about many topics.  Adam tries to sell Jon on the walking dead, and Jon has many opinions on watching other people play games.  Chocolates from around the world is coming to Jon.  Metal Gear Solid 5 is a pretty damn find Hideo game.  Adam can't bring himself to play the game anymore.  Also, Candy Crush is worth more than Star Wars... apparently.  Did Adam fall asleep while recording this episode?  You be the judge.

Fallout 4,Hideo Kojima,Adam,Jon,walking dead,AMC,preacher,kit kat,japan,germany,bethesda,youtube,gaming,chocolates,mgs5,big boss,metal gear solid 5,quiet

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Jon says good things about Charter, and Charter responds by disconnecting him mid-podcast.  Jon deep dives back into his single past, Adam contemplates a dog, and the guys talk high school sports and such.  Adam survives an ordeal in the desert, and enjoys a new hip hop artist.  And even though the disconnection occurred, the hangout didn't disappear, and Jon didn't go back to pro recording mode, so the sound gets rougher later in the show.  Normally I would check that again, but the application didn't close.  I blame Adam for not saying anything about the obvious quality drop.  As always, it is his fault.  He never reads these, so I can call him whatever I want.  He is a tuned out shipsman without a port of call.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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In this 2015 spooktacular episode, Adam and Jon recant horrors from their childhoods, they breakdown this week in werewolf news, and Jon tells a tale from Camp Thunderhawk

Nailguns for all, and a Happy Halloween!


halloween,spooky,scary,aliens,werewolves,draculas,2015,spiders,nailguns,fire,camp thunderhawk,counselors,unexplained lake monster,

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Jon and Adam chat about the Wii U, Star Citizen,fall tv shows, and reveal their dream blue collar jobs in any time period.


timecop,star citizen,derek smart,wii u,super mario maker,zelda,mr robot,RSI,citizencon,camp counselor,friday the 13th,new super mario world,mario kart 8,shaman,radio dj,90's pop,horrifying camp murders,lazenby chronicles

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Livin' the life of Late Night Luxury, Adam and Jon chat about anything and everything.  Jon played the Star Wars Battlefront Beta, Adam hasn't done anything this week, and Jon dives deep into his psyche.  The guys talk time travel and cults.  Adam and Jon reminisce about Department D83, and live a life of love and laughter.

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Adam Jay-walks through a wonderful world.  Jon is fascinated by the awful ending of the movie AI, and is addicted to Clicker Heroes.  Adam and Jon are lukewarm on the Muppets, Adam loves Scream Queens, and Amhorstor (American Horror Story).  Lil Adam Horner sits in a corner, putting his thumb in a ... pie?  Jon discusses horrifying sex injuries, and we 'tant you for next week.


Jaywalking,wonderful world,AI,haley joel osment,joe,jude law,robots,naked and afraid,the muppets,scream queens,amhorstor,american horror story,jessica lange,sex injuries,jack horner,pie,spielberg,aliens

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Adam is not a communist, though he theoretically partakes like one. You know. Jon rants about youtube personalities and the high art of Gilbert and Sullivan performances. Jon and Adam both try their hand at being super spies in the superb Metal Gear Solid 5. Can Adam survive his car crashing into the water? Listen in this week to find out.

MGS5,Rick and Morty,topsy turvy,dr who,gallifrey,capaldi,big boss,kojima,hideo,survival,guards

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Adam's body is certainly something.  Jon's heart is TRULY filled with the sound of music, but he very much lives off of the pain of others.  Jon and Adam reminisce about animated movies of their childhoods, both Disney and Don- Bluthian.  Jon recommends Rick and Morty, and both of the hosts wish that Mike Meyers could do more stuff. The dudes learn about the rules for Road Runner cartoons, and Jon thinks that Tom and Jerry SHOULD NEVER TALK.

Don Bluth,disney,sound of music,all dogs go to heaven,dom deluise,rick and morty,road runner,chuck jones,rock a doodle,fievel,american tail,secret of nimh,troll in central park,tom and jerry,looney tunes,bugs bunny,

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Adam attempts to remain off of the grid, Jon drives in to see TOO MANY MOVIES, and is underwhelmed by the Anted-man.  Jon and Adam talk about horrendous table-top gaming sessions from hell.  Who would have thought that some gaming nerds might end up being a little quirky?


ant man, rescuers,minions,lilo and stitch,marvel,paul rudd,china downloads,couch coop,naruto,highway 18,pathfinder,dungeons and dragons,drive in,

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Adam is Mr. late night, and he is beginning the year of Adam. Jon is unable to get Windows 10 on his PC, but that doesn't make a bit of difference guys, because the fall of video games 2015 is beginning right now! Notch, of minecraft fame, is very sad, and very rich. Don't get your chicken from Sweet Sue's.

Starbound,fallout 4,fallout 3,year of adam,eagle eyes,metal gear solid 5,phantom pain,super mario maker,forza,rock band 4,dragon quest heroes,draque,yokai watch,aladdin,disney,mad max,notch,kerd blerps,minecraft

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Jon has moved to his new apartment, gotten his computer repaired successfully, and now is the proud owner of cable TV and DVR.  Adam attended a drive in movie, and saw the best movie ever, Fantastic 4.  Jon loves PLEX and moving his DVDs into the digital age, and continues to harp on Star Citizen, and Adam allows Jon to nap for FAR too long.


fantastic 4,ben grimm,apartment,computergate,plex,Star Citizen,menu helmet,dvr,charter,drive in,movies,powercolor,madison geeks,cyberpowerpc,shithole,

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Jon recants his trip to Chicago, blows Adam's mind with meal prices, and complains about tourists.  Adam says something about fusion reactors.  Jon is recording his last episode in the shit-partment, and dreads moving all of his garbage to a new place.  Adam is not down with the owl-headed Demon Andras.


Chicago,Art Institute,Chicago,Shedd Aquarium,Terrifying renaissance babies,Andras,Owl,demons,Beelzebub,Fusion reactor



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Adam is living with a dangerous piece of equipment.  Jon has some strong takes on Orange is the New Black season 3, and isn't a big fan of the backlash about Ready Player One going on right now.  Jon breaks out the old media during his move to a new apartment, and he has an update on computergate 2015.  Adam discusses his new minecraft server, and Jon gets hooked back in on the old dragon again.

ifeline,california games,nes,snes,vcr,Mcgee and me,computergate 2015,windows 10,cortana,minecraft,resonant rise 3,orange is the new black,ruby rose,buzzfeed lists,OITNB,Red,prison

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Adam has a doozy of a pickle with his internet problems.  Meanwhile, robots are passing logic tests, and Adam is playing PS4 fighting games with a second controller.  Jon talks playing Borderlands 2 and being the literal lifeline for someone who has crash landed on an alien moon.  All that and plenty of Jon cheating with the turbo button on the controller in this week's episode of Born in the Eighties.

borderlands 2,ps4,nidhogg,divergent,robots,frogs,dragon ball z,ultimate battle 22,comcast,lifeline

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Don't duel with Miyamoto Musashi.  That is a no-brainer.  Jon and Adam talk down Rock Paper Shotgun's top 50 PC RPGs,  Jon talks proper veggie techniques, and Adam's giant melon head has destroyed another pair of headphones, but at least he is having groceries delivered to his door!  Also, Jon has a weird laugh in this episode.



Amazon Prime Day,melon head,RPGs,PC,RPS,vegetables,amazon echo,Ouendan,Elite Beat Agents,Witcher 3,Elder Scrolls,Oblivion

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Come on down to Tortuga Town, where Jon and Adam will talk your ears off about Star Wars, Jon's new Frasier obsession, the excellent "Inside Out" picture, the classic "9 to 5" film, the not so excellent movie "Get Hard" and the merely o.k. film "She's Having a Baby".   All that and a load of bricks.  Jon gets real for a moment, and Adam talk about roommates and how to get ahead in life without trying.


Star Wars,Frasier,9 to 5,Dolly Parton,Jane Fonda,Lily Tomlin,Get Hard,Will Farrell,Kevin Hart,Inside Out,Star Citizen,Rocket League,Assassin's Creed

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Adam an Jon discuss how to properly celebrate our nation's birth.  Adam has some internet issues, Jon rants about people in movie theaters and Walgreens.  Jon saw Jurassic World, and has a whole mess of opinions on it.  Adam "camps" while seeing nature as little as possible.  Mary Poppins is just a tad more messed up than you remember.



Mary Poppins,Burt,Chimney Sweep,Dick Van Dyke,camping,july 4th,Jurassic World,Walgreens,Movie Theaters,Street Person,comcast,internet,tall trucks,time lord

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Jon and Adam return from their long summer hiatus. (Jon visited adam, and then proceeded to have jury duty the next week) Very busy.  But we have a podcast chock full of E3 news, personality quizzes, Computergate 2015 update, and so very much more.


Sony,Microsoft,Nintendo,Last Guardian,Lost Horizon,Halo,kingdom hearts,powercolor,computergate 2015,fallout 4,neko atsume,destiny,journalists

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Deckard Cain sez...  Jon and Adam chat about their lives in yet another weekly installment of "Born in the Eighties".  Jon talks about his experiences playing Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm.  Jon talks apartment hunting, and details and extremely insane superhero TV show pitch.  Jon rants about critics.  Uggh he sucks right?

DC,Superman,Deckard Cain,rupert murdoch,kanye west,lex luthor,blizzard,heroes of the storm,wwe,elimination chamber,the witcher 3

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Born in the Eighties 173: The Good Wife Hole

Adam becomes a 40 year old woman, because he is fascinated by the CBS drama "The Good Wife".  Jon and Adam venture into the woods of the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.  Jon recants his experiences in the Dave and Busters of Milwaukee and rants about the app Trivia Crack.  The guys also have their weekly Wrestling Talkdown, and discuss predictions for the Elimination Chamber PPV.


wwe,john cena,elimination chamber,kevin owens,good wife,witcher 3,trivia crack,star wars battlepod,mario kart dx arcade gp,dave and busters,guitar hero,julianna margulies,cbs

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Born in the Eighties 172: Mr Trigonometry

Jon got a new phone and is not loving the new season of Game of Thrones.   Watch him fly off on many tangents, that is why they call him.. well.. you know.  Adam attempts to describe Jupiter Ascending in less than 20 seconds.  The guys discuss the Witcher 3, American Sniper, and Steven Universe's Attack the Light. Kevin Owens pop-up powerbombs most of the wrestling segment after the episode!

Kevin Owens, attack the light,steven universe,witcher 3,american sniper,galaxy s6,jupiter ascending,mila kunis,channing tatum,tangents,trigonometry,NXT,becky lynch,game of thrones,sansa,John Cena



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First, a quick Computergate 2015 update, then, Adam travels back down the Marvel Hole.  Jon experiences "Weeds" for the first time.  Jon watched "What we do in Shadows", and both of the guys ponder taking a "naked final".  The Simpsons say saynoara to Harry Shearer, and Jon ponders his future in virtual reality.  Breton's email is answered a month late, and Adam ruminates about his Witcher 3 future.


Witcher 3 Wild Hunt,Harry Shearer,weeds,Jenji Kohan,Breton,VR,Oculus Rift,Project Morpheus,HTC Vive,nudity,Jermaine Clement,Vampires,What we do in shadows,computergate 2015,marvel

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We begin the episode with a Computergate 2015 update, and Jon is optimistic about his computorial futures.  Adam chats about his playing of Pillars of Eternity.  Discussion moves to the many deaths of Adam's DnD Monks and Ninjunks, and the awesomeness of Good Old Games.  Piracy sucks, but so do game companies.  Re-release our favorite games please. (Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete).  Then, Adam and Jon are sucked into a Marvel hole, where they discuss The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel movies, and Marvel Comics.  Marvel Unlimited is pretty danged awesome.  Jon is knee Deep in the civil war, and Adam is excited for Sami Zayn on Monday Night Raw.  Another awesome episode of NXT was on, and the guys speculate storylines for Payback and NXT Takeover.


Pillars of Eternity,Marvel,Avengers,Age of Ultron,Marvel Unlimited,Sami Zayn,Kevin Owens,Payback,Lunar,Pathfinder,Monk,Ninjunk,piracy,computergate 2015,she hulk's butt,good old games,NXT,civil war

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Jon and Adam discuss laboratory accidents, the movie film Interstellar (one of those walkie-talkies), the upcoming avengers film, the chinese art of Wuxia Films.  Adam is left to fend for himself, and the boys invent a new app.  China discovered faster than light travel, and the Avatar sequel will be a revival of Cats the musical.. IN SPACE!


interstellar,tars,wuxia,laboratory,perchloric acid,avengers,ultron,reciprocity,meerkat,periscope,prairie dogs,motel 6,avatar 2,warp bubbles,SCIENCE!

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Jon and Adam chat about Star Citizens, Computer Gate 2015, futurism, full body transplants, the hearsay of Hari Vani, the "Food Babe".  Basically Jon rants a lot.  They also chat about lots of other things including Extreme Rules 2015 predictions.


budget bytes,star citizen,wwe,extreme rules,computergate 2015,food babe,GMOs,robot bodies,clocks,press your luck

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Jon and Adam chat about the state of Game of Thrones, the classic car chase epic Furious 7, movie theatre technology, and Jon rants quite a bit. Who would have guessed? Adam gushes about Daredevil, and Jon wonders about Anime voice acting quality. All that and some wrestling apathy on this week's born in the eighties. 


Game of Thrones, Bran,Furious 7,Vin Diesel,Paul Walker,marcus,ultrascreen,drinking,snapchat,kill la kill,wwe,spirit squad,dolph ziggler,computergate 2015,HBO,

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Adam and Jon talk about life n stuff, cheating on game shows, dial up internet, and much more. Jon pitches to the world his new app Coachr, Jon will be your life coach. You need motivation, you come to this guy, he will get ON YOUR ASS.

Coachr,life coach,trust fund,slate,water skiing,dial up,modem,windows 95,price is right,wrestlemania,iZombie,

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Jon is joined by Mercury Stardust, aka Tyler Falco Schott, to chat about parking disputes, sketchy walks at 2 a.m., Burlesque shows in Atlanta Georgia, hacking Uber, and southern hospitality. You can see Tyler, Jon and Adam at Oddcon 2015 in Madison on April 11th at 3pm.


Tyler Falco Schott, Burlesque, Southern Hospitality,WWE Live Milwaukee,parking,georgia,southern fried burlesque,oddcon madison,mercury Stardust

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Jon rages against the whole "geek chic" culture, Adam desperately tries to remember things from a movie HE JUST SAW.  The guys also talk about wrassling and so much more.

con men,unbreakable kimmy schmidt,legend,hbo now,apple watch,tim curry,tom cruise,seinfeld,geek chic,daniel bryan,roman reigns,wrestlemania

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Born in the Eighties 163: The John Cenas of the Forest

The guys speed through an episode that is EXACTLY 1 hour long, so they can return to playing games online.  Fucking dragons, amirite?


hot shots part deux, topper harley,dragon quest,final fantasy,fast and furious,hipster dragons,sharing economy,john cena,twilight,team jacob,

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Carebears everywhere. Beware.  Everybody get bummed.  Jon goes into to ultimate misery vampire mode.


care bears,care bear stare,care bear cousins,care bear cousin call,google adsense,wwe,fastlane,daniel bryan,dolph ziggler,roman reigns,brock lesnar,here comes honey boo boo, maraschino cherry guy,

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Adam and Jon talk about everything from low elves to high elves to side elves to top elves.  They also gab about the upcoming AMC preacher tv series, Adam attempts to survive a plane crash, and Jon rants about overspending on podcast equipment.  Jon and Adam also make a bet about the release of "The Last Guardian".  Get ready for that charity money 2024!

dungeons and dragons,top elves,side elves,low elves,high elves,cheerwine,incense,forgotten realms,microphones,podcasting,last guardian,preacher,neverwinter nights,plane crash

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Jon and Adam are bursting at the seams with things to chat about.  A Wheel of Time pilot was unceremoniously excreted onto FXX's airwaves in the wee morning hours.  Jon is a-ok with the robo-revolution in the upcoming "CHAPPiE".  Adam revisits some Robin William's "classics" and Jon talks about "Bruno".  The guys also remark on Peter Molyneux's bad week in the press, and Jon still hates Kickstarter.  All that and reactions from NXT Takeover: Rival on this week's edition of the eightiescast.


molyneux,godus,rock paper shotgun,taekwondo, wheel of time, billy zane, robert jordan,NXT,kevin owens,sami zayn,robin williams,chappie,blomkamp,kickstarter,what dreams may come,good morning vietnam,real steel

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Jon rolls in with a Computergate 2015 update, Adam chats about his new favorite show "Empire".  Jon delivers a hot promo on the USPS and Amazon's prime pantry.  The guys discuss the new Persona 5 trailer and ponder a high school life that coulda been.  Adam attempts to escape from a burning high rise, and the guys talk about wrasslin' and the upcoming NXT Takeover: Rival.


persona 5,prime pantry,usps,madison geeks,surge,empire,lion in winter,sick chains,computergate 2015,Adam,Jon,Sami Zayn,Kevin Owens,Sasha Banks,Royal Rumble,survival guide,#eightiesspring

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Jon and Adam jaw about various generic soda brand names, as well as computergate 2015 and other technical issues.  The boys discover the sheer incomprehensible complexity of the animorphs universe.  Also, goosebumps books were the shiz, and those characters had great games.  Jon and Adam talk movies like Nonstop, American Sniper, and Her.  Plenty to love here, all that and Royal Rumble talk after the show!


nonstop,liam neeson,computergate 2015,mountain lightning,american sniper,bradley cooper,her,scarjo,Royal Rumble,Wayside School,animorphs,goosebumps,roman reigns,daniel bryan

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Straighten up and fly right!  Adam and Jon role-play as a couple of 1940's flyboys.  That girl's a share-cropper, I wouldn't get caught hoofing with her, I'm as doll-dizzy as the next fella, but I don't want to be called a lounge lizard.


WWII,unbroken,hang em high,tex,dallas,mac,cornholer,wwe,royal rumble,psychopath test,audiobooks,patrick rothfuss,kingkiller chronicles,audible,windows 10,

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Jon and Adam catch up after the holidays.  They chat about Jon's recent excursion to Illinois and how similar yet different the neighbor to the south is.  Space and teleportation are definitely terrifying.  A future plan is made, movies are discussed, and Jon talks tech and computer repair.  Computergate 2014 is becoming computergate 2015


Consciousness,Space,Parsecs,Extra Life,AGDQ,Tetris Grand Master,Madison Geeks,21 Jump Street,The interview,Seth Rogen,Shinsuke Nakamura,WWE,NJPW,Wrestle Kingdom 9,Pizza Hut,Superhero Quiz,Xavier,Catwoman

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