Born in the Eighties

Apparently all robots are bigots. Adam wants a prehensile tail, while Jon could go for a genetically engineered tentacle in the center of his chest.  Adam decides that in the awesome future, he will have a clone body, and Jon will become a kick ass robot.  Turns out that Robo-jesus is kind of a dick, and Adam will stop at nothing to crush Jon's Un-crushable robot frame.  Gamma Rays flood the podcasting room and Jon and Adam are able to choose their own super-powers.  Turns out that Adam is more racist than a robot.  Drunk men are very bad at robbing banks, they should just pass out in their cars, and Adam an Jon discuss how to properly throw a small child over a pool of lava.  Adam and Jon take a walk around the wild world of accents, and Adam shows his insides to little kids.

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