Born in the Eighties

In this week's born in the eighties, a spooktacular appears!  Jon and Adam discuss their greatest fears, talk shop about the scariest of the famous hollywood monsters.  Jon uncovers a deep secret about Dracula's potato vodka distillin' ways, and Adam stocks up on boxes of Boo-berry.   A spooky bris happens in the apartment, with many Matz0-golems in attendance.   R.A. Salvatore is a dracula, and once was roommates with the pope.  The guys hatch a plan for world domination by going back in time and investing wisely, until Jon betrays Adam!  To wrap things up, Jon and Adam ponder what life would be like with a 35 year old kind of chubby spinster lady ghost, and where they would want to "haunt" if after they died they became ghosts.

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