Born in the Eighties

First, a quick Computergate 2015 update, then, Adam travels back down the Marvel Hole.  Jon experiences "Weeds" for the first time.  Jon watched "What we do in Shadows", and both of the guys ponder taking a "naked final".  The Simpsons say saynoara to Harry Shearer, and Jon ponders his future in virtual reality.  Breton's email is answered a month late, and Adam ruminates about his Witcher 3 future.


Witcher 3 Wild Hunt,Harry Shearer,weeds,Jenji Kohan,Breton,VR,Oculus Rift,Project Morpheus,HTC Vive,nudity,Jermaine Clement,Vampires,What we do in shadows,computergate 2015,marvel

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