Born in the Eighties

Orcin' in New York in this new episode. We talk SNES Classics, Shadow of War, Battlefront 2, and Hack the Menu.

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TJ finds a list of real authentic baseball player names, Matt is into Synthesizers, and Jon introduces a new podcast game, Five Faves....

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Tj and Jon tell tales of their battle on the front lines of the SNES Classic launch. Matt plays Shadow of War mobile, and we delve back into the bowels of reddit, and Jon brings everyone down with him.

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We again visit the bowels of reddit, Adam extolls the virtues of the cougs, TJ educates on r/nofap and Matt becomes a Trudy Tective.


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This world is Elon Musk's simulation and we are just livin' in it.

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Matt is IT, Jon rants about Equifax, and TJ meets his destiny.. 2.  Also Pewdiepie said the n word, so that is the world we live in now.  Get ready for a heated podcast moment!

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TJ regales us with his tales of the Gamestop Expo, Matt learns about competitive tickling, and Jon gives a lesson on Twitterati lingo.

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The SNES classic preorder nonsense happened. Did any of us get one? What lengths did Jon go to, to get one? How many hours can a scantily clad woman stream dancing on twitch? Will the reddit boxing streams hold out all night? Find out, in this episode!

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Lance and Jon talk about lame nazis, nuclear armageddon, and the Island of Dr. Moreau. Yeah.. I guess that all fits in nicely.

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We get serious a bit, before talking about the funniest words ever, as proven by science.  We visit the bowels of reddit and talk PUBG stats.

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