Born in the Eighties

Mario is seriously up to some weird shizz.  Yes that guy slid down a pyramid, and things are expensive in the future.

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This is our e3 preview podcast we recorded the week before e3.  Join us and imagine an e3 2017 that could have happened.  We were wrong, bigly wrong.

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Kids these days.. what are we going to do?  Playin' Magikarp games on their phones, spilling fluids on Tony Hawk Ride boards, playing dumb sound effects.  This is truly the worst generation.

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Those tall ladies got Jon thinkin...  Bad Sonic Fanfic is read, TJ's love of fidget spinners are discussed, and Matt is sitting scared in the bathroom of an abandoned building clutching his UMP0 somewhere in Russia?  Wherever PUBG takes place, I guess.. it is Russia right?

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Jon, Matt and TJ talk about the movies of the summer!  But, before that, they find their favorite not quite properly licensed looney tunes shirts.  

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We chat about our various sleeping strategies, TJ grabs a computer dust to trip the light fantastic, and Matt is tentatively excited about the Owlchemy labs purchase by google.

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More Melissaphilia minute!  TJ brings us all down on his birthday, reminding us that death is all around us.  Matt experiences the new MST3K season, and Jon rants about the Fyre festival for a bit.  TJ also introduces our Patreon backed feature, the "Rom of the Month" Club.

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Broken glass covered floors, clean meat covered robots, loot boxes oh my!  Welcome our flesh covered metallic overlords.

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Have you played the best SNES game of all time?  Ready to get your experimental surgery on?  "Switch" on this podcast to hear us complain about the NES Classic, the CS:GO community and much more.  Matt lives, dies, then repeats, and TJ is all about that ice cream party!

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We are all old.  Jon's back is disintegrating, TJ is yelling at cables, and Matt is pondering grown up things in podcast for adults.  We say a bittersweet goodbye to the NES Classic Edition, we hardly knew ye.. wait.. we didn't knew ye at all...  Hello fellow kids!  Snapchat! Dabbing! Bottle Flips!  We are with it! Right?

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