Born in the Eighties

Matt and Jon are varying levels of impressed by Pocket Camp, TJ is a video golf champion, and we all are mystified by the ways of the reddit pick up artist community. Boo to lootboxes and multiplayer only games! Hooray for Napoleonic meme combat!

Art by Megalomaniacaly on Deviant Art

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Lance sits down for a somewhat serious talk. Thanks for listening!

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Spanky and Euan from the Kewlgames Inc Vancouver podcast join us as guests in this special episode. Spanky hates games, Euan loves Godzilla, and Quizbot makes his triumphant return.

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Lets light a candle for the best worst community of reddit r/incels, which has ceased to exists. The chads won people... the chads won. Also, PLAY DOKI DOKI LITERATURE CLUB, IT IS FREE!!!!

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We talk about lesser known cults, Japanese Pizza Hut Menu items, Jon's resemblance to the serial killer on Mindhunter, and so much more. Cookiepuss is in your NIGHTMARES!

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Jon recreates his twitter account into something beautiful. TJ discusses the great movie robots, and Matt finds a new podcast to like, and a new town for Jon to live in.

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Jon and Lance sit down to chat about every thing from draft dodgers, to piss jugs, Lea Thompson, and much much more.

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Orcin' in New York in this new episode. We talk SNES Classics, Shadow of War, Battlefront 2, and Hack the Menu.

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TJ finds a list of real authentic baseball player names, Matt is into Synthesizers, and Jon introduces a new podcast game, Five Faves....

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Tj and Jon tell tales of their battle on the front lines of the SNES Classic launch. Matt plays Shadow of War mobile, and we delve back into the bowels of reddit, and Jon brings everyone down with him.

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