Born in the Eighties

Just.. too many dongs.  Yandere Simulator, Pewdiepie, the ACLU bundles, Avatar and Korra.  So much controversy, too much for Twitch to handle.

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Sorry Luigi...  Dr. Who is shaking up the cast, and Adam Matt and Jon remember the scariest Dr. Who baddies.  Jon is thinking about getting into doomsday preppin, Adam joins a virtual japanese boyband for a road trip, Matt dreams of a brighter future, we talk to Koozie for a bit, and Adam reminisces of wrestling days gone by.

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Boy, did we have a lot of problems when recording this one.  What survived the technical issues was more Taco Bell talk, Dragon Warrior streaming on Twitch, and UFO sightings in Chile.  Enjoy.  Be warned, this is a rough one.

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Lance joins Jon again for another late night chat. Topics include friend betrayals, surprisingly decent blues albums, acceptable bald hair cuts, unacceptable amounts of tattoos, on set disputes over buffoonery, the inauguration, crystal bowls, when musicians go bad, and much more. If you don't listen in, you will be SAD!

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Let's talk about the Nintendo Switch, talking to bots, Twitch and Youtube drama, odd sexual fetishes, and a heck of a dang lot more.  Melissaphilia is the hot new thang.  Get your bee beards ready!

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When you walk the mean streets of New Donk City like I do, you learn one thing.  That the Nintendo Switch is going to be out on March 3rd in the US, and cost 299 USD.  You think you have what it takes to survive the mean streets of NDC?  You better come prepared with a pro controller and a joy con charging dock!  Tell em' pimp Bowser sent ya.  Peace.

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Jon, Matt, and TJ May or May Not would like you to most definitely not tweet #fucktheblacklash.  Knock out two birds one cup by listening to this hot new 'sode.  Topics include podcast advertising and monetization, VR, Nintendo Switch predictions, and all of the hand injury stories you can stomach!

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Gird your Robo-colons, the festival of lit is upon us!  Also, it is 2017 now!  What does the future hold for VR?  Will people perform social experiments on youtube for big dollars?  Is this the year Black Mirror becomes truth?  Welcome the future, 2017.


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Here it is!  We watch "The 12 Dates of Christmas" Starring Amy Smart and Mark Paul Gosselaar, which is a heck of a dang old name to pronounce.  That guy was Screech from Happy Days right?  Man.. what a movie this is.  There is time traveling... I don't need to say much more.  Merry Terrible Christmas.



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Mario is now mobile!  The boys discuss how to shower, and how to live with a massive amount of strep throat.  You can't get this podcast delivered to you via drone yet... but that is the future!

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