Born in the Eighties

2 brothers! Always up to something!  Learn2stream in TJ's stream corner, listen to Jon finish 4 glasses of bourbon.. and progressively kill his liver cells while you listen.  We also talk trailers from the game awards, and much more.  Tune in!



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Hey, so.. Ash... your mom... what time do you leave for school? What is the deal with your dad? Is he around? Let me know the details of this situation...

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Jon, Matt, and Lauren (Jon's fiance) travel down to the historically haunted Willow Creek farm to meet with the owner, Al Kelchner.  Enjoy.

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Mix all them sauces into one pot! You got a podcast brewin! We #hackthecafeteria and talk about lunches past. Jon has some Star Wars jerk-takes, and Matt is the anti-jerk. TJ eats cans like a goat or something. Fake news, nutella burgers, pokemon and Nintendo Switch, we got it all.

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Some big stuff happened this week. Jon was in the room where it happened. Adam got strange. Matt worked on some tunes, and TJ tries to cope with the new world of NES scalpers that we live in. Get your powdered drink packets ready for snorting! We got a Koozie Korner, train anecdotes, and so much more this week!


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Jon rants a lot in this episode, you have been warned. Rimworld, hot take articles, and so much more. Jon angry! We also talk about the new superdisease that is going to kill us all, and TJ is super sick. Doot Doot Doot Doooo! Also, since it is episode 240, err. 420.. I guess Adam is not going to be able to make it.

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The 300 FPS cat bowser dance is unsettling.. but I can't look away. Bowser don't care tho... Nintendo Switch chat, Rifftrax, ladies eating steak, bear meat, venison at arbys, and so much Waifu porn. Bowser don't care.

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You want that underclean?  TJ wants that underclean.  Buy a bidet.  Matt plays tuber apps, and enjoys a headphone jack-less life.  Jon is scared of a Blair Witch, and visits the battlefield of the war to end all wars.  That and Pregnant Elsa gets Foot Surgery by Joker and Dancing Spiderman.  SEO ON FLEEEEEEEK!

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PSVR happened!  Play the future of gaming!  The Legend of Zeldo will be the next greatest hit game!  Grab your trance vibrators, gird your power grids, don your costumes, over your watches, black your mirrors, and be too scared to ask out your high school crushes.

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Matt and Jon embrace the hedonism as they chat about Westworld.  Palmer Luckey is kind of a dick, and we learn about a future on Mars.  Eradicate those stink bugs, pre-load your Mafias, and don't be too stoned to listen to this.

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