Born in the Eighties

We are all old.  Jon's back is disintegrating, TJ is yelling at cables, and Matt is pondering grown up things in podcast for adults.  We say a bittersweet goodbye to the NES Classic Edition, we hardly knew ye.. wait.. we didn't knew ye at all...  Hello fellow kids!  Snapchat! Dabbing! Bottle Flips!  We are with it! Right?

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Babs Bunny, Lola Bunny, Natalie Dormer.. all in the same google image results search... What a time to be alive.

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Notch! We will be your friends. Feel free to call us any time. I would love a go on that candy room that you have in your house. I wonder if he is a good speller? TJ certainly was. Don't get scammed by Scamazon prime. We say goodbye to Palmer, and discuss a top secret project.



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A Juggalo reality TV show in the style of Survivor, Tila Tequila's fuhrer furor, and Batman as a moody teen, all in this week's Saturday Night BITE.

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Come on and join the discarded mascots with us!  We take a trip down nostalgia lane, get warmed up for a show, talk about the House on the Rock, Aquaman, Destiny 2, and a heck of a dang lot more.  Hop on the Fruit Stripe Man's moped and tune on in!

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Can we just stop saying stupid things on the internet echo chamber?  Matt eats some gross new oreos, and the guys discuss their fave flaves.  We chat about the new Werewolf-man film and old Disney Channel cartoons.  Rescue Rangers Rule 34 INDEED!

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You want to talk about Nuts?  We get Nuts.

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The Nintendo Switch came out, and because the game cards specifically have some sort of bittering agent on them, we absolutely had to lick them.  And then lick everything.. Joycon to Joycon.  This podcast is banned in 37 countries.  Robots will care for us when we are old, McDonald's says "Fuck it", and so much more.

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Learn to drink like an Adult.  Don't ghost people when you break up with them... LANCE.  Also, we touch upon some podcast drama in the past, and we are joined in the last segment by my lovely fiance!

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Jon decides to relieve the glory days of 2008-2009 of Rock Band gaming, TJ prepares to "Switch" to Nintendo's new console, and Matt finds a classy joint that makes pop-tarts into haute cuisine.  

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